In Denver’s Uptown district, two major infill projects are nearing completion: Bespoke Uptown and St. Joseph Medical Office Pavilion. Let’s take a look at how these developments are coming along.

Bespoke Uptown. Initially referred to here by its location at 17th and Pearl, Bespoke Uptown is the official name for the 10-story residential development by Southern Land Company that will provide 316 new homes in Uptown. Of note is this project’s adaptive reuse of the two historic building fronting 17th Avenue, which came as a result of the developer working with Historic Denver. Shears Adkins Rockmore is the architect.

It’s been over a year since we last posted a construction update, so here are some fresh photos showing Bespoke Uptown’s current status, with most of the remaining exterior work focused on facade details and the incorporation of the two historic buildings.

From 17th Avenue:

At the intersection of 17th and Pearl:

Along Pearl:

From 16th Avenue:

St. Joseph Medical Office Pavilion. Four blocks to the east of Bespoke Uptown at 18th and Ogden is the St. Joseph Medical Office Pavilion, where construction began about a year ago and the project has since topped off and most of the exterior facade is in place. The 100,000 square foot project developed by Fidelis and designed by Boulder Associates is expected to open later this summer.

That’s all for now from Uptown. Next up… City Park West.

Bespoke Uptown

St. Joseph Medical Office Pavilion