Today we have a special update on McGregor Square. DenverInfill was able to take an inside peek of this premier project and, with about eight months left of construction, it’s coming together nicely. To follow all of our coverage up to present day, head over to this page. A huge thank you to Maya and Patrick of the McGregor Square team and John of Hensel Phelps for the great tour.

Let’s begin the tour with a few photos of the completed facade. The hotel tower facing the plaza is completely uncovered, revealing a stunning brick and glass facade. The residential tower will feature a patterned light brick facade, and the office tower has a modern glass curtain wall with brick on the lower floors. Even though this is a single development, each building has its own unique form and facade.

One of the most anticipated features of McGregor Square is the public space it will provide. Wynkoop Promenade, the walkway between 19th Street and Coors Field, will be completely overhauled with new pavers, fountains, and large planters. The plaza in the center will feature a two-story screen, event space, and ground floor retail. You will also be able to cut through the center plaza to 20th and Blake Street.

A large rooftop deck on the condo tower overlooks Coors Field, Downtown Denver, and the new plaza. In addition to the outdoor gathering space, the rooftop deck will also house the pool.

While serving as a connector between the hotel and condo tower, the bridge will also contain the fitness center for both buildings.

The residential units are coming along as drywall and finishes have started to go in on the lower floors.

Let’s wrap up the tour with some view photos. The views from each building will be unobstructed due to the stadium, train tracks, and height of the project. Here is a panorama from the condo’s rooftop deck looking towards Downtown Denver…

… and a panorama looking west towards Union Station. On a clearer day, you would be able to see most of the mountain range.

One of the most unique views this project provides is of Coors Field. The rooftop deck is close to the top height of the lights giving you a peek inside the stadium.

McGregor Square is expected to be complete by the first quarter of next year. We will revisit this project when the facade is complete on all the buildings.