Construction has wrapped up at the Buell Public Media Center in Arapahoe Square. This new 63,500 square foot facility will include a black-box broadcast studio, a live-performance broadcast studio, a production studio, a children’s learning and programming center, classrooms, volunteer offices and conference rooms, a community kitchen and event space, a cafe with outdoor seating, and a private courtyard.

In addition, the second floor will house the Rocky Mountain PBS and KUVO offices, an additional studio, a lounge, and the digital infrastructure for distributing media content statewide. The third floor will contain space that can be leased out to local media enterprises.

In terms of the construction logistics, Mortenson Construction was the builder with Tryba Architects behind the design.

Now, let’s get to some photos. The Buell Public Media Center has a small but nice presence along 21st Street. Between the wide, landscaped sidewalk, and the glass corner, this makes for a pleasant pedestrian experience.

Continuing around the project, here are a few photos from Arapahoe Street. The building has a step up in height towards 22nd Street with a metal facade protruding from the brick.

Wrapping up, here are some photos of the ground level along Arapahoe Street.

Arapahoe Square has had a patchwork of parking lots and dilapidated buildings for decades but little infill projects like this help connect the neighborhood and make it a better experience for everyone. Within a one-block radius of this project, we hope to see Kenect and X Denver 3 fill in more empty lots.