After seven individual updates on The Pullman, it is time to wrap it up as the project is now complete. This 14-story, 142-home apartment project takes up the last developable parcel along Wewatta Street, in the Union Station neighborhood, and completes the Wewatta street-wall between the Cherry Creek and 20th Street.

For this last look of The Pullman, let’s start with various views from Wewatta Street along with one view from 19th Street. The brickwork and color scheme along 19th Street complement its neighbor, Alara, making it almost look like a second phase of the same project.

Heading down Wewatta, towards 16th Street, The Pullman terminates the view at the end of the Wewatta Street canyon due to the street curving after 18th Street.

Looking at the broad side of the building, you can see that the roof-line has three terraces. The lowest terrace is a large 8,000 square foot outdoor space for the residents. The next step up appears to host a private balcony for one of the penthouses.

A couple more unique views of The Pullman can be found in Union Station North where the Downtown and traditional street grids converge. Below are two views from Fox and Inca Street.

New street trees and wide sidewalks are a welcome addition to this fairly quiet stretch of Wewatta Street. 3,470 square feet of ground-floor retail is also featured in this project.

Let’s wrap up with a couple of aerials taken from 19th Street and Chestnut Place.

Welcome to Union Station, The Pullman! With only 3 developable lots left in Union Station, it’s amazing to see that this entire neighborhood has almost fully built out in less than a decade.