About DenverInfill

The DenverInfill Blog provides news, ideas, and commentary about urban development in the Mile High City.

This blog originates from the DenverInfill.com website. The DenverInfill.com website was created in 2004 by Ken Schroeppel, urbanist/planner/educator who lives and works in Downtown Denver (see the Contributors page for Ken’s bio). The primary purpose of the website was to track the numerous urban infill developments in the greater Downtown Denver area. Projects included on the website were those planned or built between 2000 and 2009. While the DenverInfill website is no longer updated, it remains available as a comprehensive summary of Downtown Denver’s infill development boom from the first decade of the 2000s. The DenverInfill Blog, however, continues to report on Denver’s current infill development activities.

The first year of DenverInfill Blog posts (July 2005 to July 2006) were made within the website itself. Those original entries can be viewed here. Then, from August 2006 to December 2009, the DenverInfill Blog was published using Google’s Blogger platform. In December 2009, the current WordPress version of the blog was created, with the Blogger posts imported in the process.

With the transition of the blog to the WordPress format and the retirement of the website at the end of 2009, a few other changes were made at that time: the geographic focus expanded beyond Downtown Denver (although most of the discussion remains centered on the city’s urban core), and selected blog Contributors were added to bring viewpoints and expertise from various professions that influence our built environment.

The mission of the DenverInfill Blog is:

– To inspire Denver citizens to envision and strive for exceptional urbanism and quality design in their city
– To inform and educate the public about urban planning and development, urban design, and city-building
– To serve as an online resource of notable urban infill plans and projects throughout Denver
– To promote and showcase Denver and its development opportunities to the world
– To advocate for positive changes to Denver’s existing and future built environment

Oh, one other thing… we loathe surface parking lots and seek their eradication from Denver’s urban core!

To contact us with general questions or requests, please submit your inquiry via a comment to any of our posts, and make sure you include your preferred email address. We will respond accordingly. All comments submitted to DenverInfill are moderated, so your inquiry and email address will not be made public.

Thank you for visiting the DenverInfill Blog.