About the 3D Future Skyline

Important information to note about our DenverInfill 3D Future Skyline images:

  • The background imagery is courtesy of Google Earth and includes their 3D Building and Terrain layers.
  • Buildings shown in 3D are only those planned or under construction and for which we had published a DenverInfill blog post as of the date of the image. Projects “in the pipeline” or recently announced that had not yet been profiled on DenverInfill were not included in the 3D model. Once a completed project is included in the Google Earth 3D Building imagery, our massing model is removed.
  • Buildings have been color coded to match our DenverInfill Project Map, where yellow is multi-family residential, orange is office, red is hotel, and blue is civic/other. Mixed-use projects have been divided by color based on the general location of the different primary uses within the project. Building areas containing secondary uses like retail or parking are not designated and are included in the primary use colors.
  • Each model represents a simple massing of the project that has been extruded to the planned height of the structure. In most cases, buildings have step-backs and other architectural treatments that reduce the mass and scale of the building, particularly on the upper floors. Therefore, the three-dimensional space these models occupy is greater than what the buildings will occupy in reality. Similarly, building footprints typically have small setbacks in various locations from the property line, as opposed to the simple rectangular footprints used in most of our models.
  • The purpose of our 3D Future Skyline images is to convey a general sense of how Denver’s urban fabric is being repaired and densified through infill development, not to show what specific buildings will look like after they are completed. If you want to see what a planned building will actually look like, visit the DenverInfill blog posts for that project and view the architect’s renderings.