About The Project Map

The DenverInfill Project Map shows the location, type, and status of the various infill developments reported on the DenverInfill Blog. Here are a few things you should know about the DenverInfill Project Map:

  • A project won’t appear on the map unless there has been at least one post about the project on the blog.
  • The time frame for the DenverInfill Project Map is 2010–2019, which makes it a great complement to the original DenverInfill website, which tracked projects from 2000–2009. Any project that was completed before January 2010 will not be on the map. Any project that was under construction, completed, or proposed after January 2010 will be on the map.
  • The projects have been grouped into four type categories: Residential (yellow), Office (orange), Hotel (red) and Civic/Cultural (blue). Show or hide a category using the check box next to the category label in the legend.
  • Each project’s status is represented by its marker shape: Proposed (circle), Under Construction (square) and Completed (star).
  • When you click on a marker on the map, a pop-up box will appear with a link that retrieves all of the posts about that project on the blog. The pop-up box also includes a small rendering of the project.
  • When you click on a project name in the legend, a pop-up box highlighting the project’s location will appear on the map.
  • Use the +/- buttons in the lower right corner of the map to zoom in and out in altitude.
  • Use the map icon in the lower left corner under the legend to toggle between a base map and an aerial photo background.
  • Use the little arrow at the bottom of the legend to hide or show the legend.

The DenverInfill Project Map will be updated on a regular basis, but if you spot a project that has changed status or any map corrections in general, feel free to let us know. Just post a comment with the updated information to any blog post about the project, and we’ll update the map (your comment won’t be made public). Enjoy!