DEN South Terminal Expansion Final Update

As we all know, the A-Line from Denver Union Station to Denver International Airport opened over the weekend. We, here at DenverInfill / DenverUrbanism, took the opportunity to photograph the great new transit line along with the south terminal expansion over at DIA.

Back in February 2012, we provided the renderings for the project but never did any construction updates. Now that this project is complete, it is definitely worth covering.

The signature structure in the expansion is the 500-room Westin Hotel. Resembling wings, or how ever else you would like to interpret it, the 15-story building creates a whole new look for the airport. Here are a few photos looking at it from the new Denver Airport commuter rail station.

2016-04-24_DIA-04 2016-04-24_DIA-11

2016-04-24_DIA-03 2016-04-24_DIA-05

Also included in the expansion is a 60,000 square foot plaza that connects the Jeppesen Terminal with the new hotel and rail station. Once you leave the Jeppesen Terminal, also known as the great hall, you are greeted by a glass canopy that protects you from the elements. It also covers the escalator that goes down to the rail station.

2016-04-24_DIA-10 2016-04-24_DIA-09

The plaza is a great public space where the airport can hold events, live music, and festivals. In these photos, everyone was gathered for the A-Line grand opening ceremonies.

2016-04-24_DIA-08 2016-04-24_DIA-19

Back under the glass canopy, there is enough room for a stage and ample seating.


The south end of the plaza looks over the rail station canopy and offers views of the mountains on a clear day.

2016-04-24_DIA-07 2016-04-24_DIA-06

A balcony runs along the entire hotel and features patio space for the retail that lines the plaza. This space will be open 24 hours which will be great for passengers and visitors!


The hotel lobby is a spectacular sight with an arched ceiling and glass curtain walls on both ends.

2016-04-24_DIA-17 2016-04-24_DIA-14

The hotel lobby also features a bar with ample seating around the room.

2016-04-24_DIA-12 2016-04-24_DIA-13

What a great view of the commuter rail station!


That wraps up the South Terminal Expansion. Keep your eye on DenverUrbanism this week for all of the great A-Line festivities that went on over the weekend.

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  1. Joey April 26, 2016 at 7:59 am

    The architecture and infrastructure look cool, now PLEASE do some landscaping ASAP. Not a big fan of the barren lunar plain look.

  2. Jeffrey April 27, 2016 at 8:38 am

    That barren plaza is awful. Slightly better during the day, but pretty grim at night with wind whipping through it. That said, glad the rail is open and running.

  3. Mike April 28, 2016 at 8:15 am

    I am an avid follower of Denver Infill and really appreciate all the work that goes into this site. I love following all the progress that goes on in denver. One thing i would like to see updates on is all the action going on along the Platte river tral between Denver and Chatfield. That might be out of this sites jurisdiction, but there is some cool things happening along the trail!

    -Ruby Hill Bike Park < i believe soon to be largest public free ride bike park in the nation!

    -Surf Waves!! progress is being made on them near oxford.

    -The dozens of updated parks along the train

    and much more, you have brewery and coffee shops coming up all over with trail access too.

    just an idea for a fun weekend bike ride with your drone 🙂

    thanks for all the hard work!

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