Centric LoHi Final Update

Centric LoHi is a mixed-use project on Central Street in Lower Highland that is adding 302 new apartment homes and over 9,000 square feet of restaurant space to the walkable urban neighborhood. Click here for our previous posts on Centric LoHi.

The three-building project is nearing final completion. In fact, some residents have already started moving into one of the buildings, with the remaining apartments and the restaurant spaces scheduled to be complete within the next month or so. Therefore, this will be our final update on the project.

Let’s take a tour around the development…

The building fronting Central Street features a handsome industrial-retro brick facade and the project’s two restaurant spaces for Marcella’s and The Bindery. Finishing touches are underway. The mature trees along Central and 18th streets were saved and incorporated into the project’s landscape design.

Centric LoHi along Central Street
Centric LoHi at corner of 18th and Central

Marcella’s will occupy the ground-floor space at 18th and Central and is nearing their planned September opening. On the other corner along Central Street, The Bindery will be opening later this fall.

The Bindery restaurant space under construction at Centric LoHi

Up the hill along the Boulder Street side of the development, one building is finished with residents moving in, while the other building is wrapping up construction.

Centric LoHi buildings along Boulder Street
Centric Lohi nearing completion along Boulder Street

This concludes our coverage of Centric LoHi. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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  1. Walter September 11, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    Overall I think this is a good project, love the front facing Central, love how they broke up the building up and made each segment a bit different, however I’m not a fan of the upper portion of the facade (the nonbrick, nonmetal part of the facade – not sure, maybe wood paneling?) looks really cheap to me. Also, as has been previously mentioned, the blank wall facing Prost confuses me. I can’t understand why they went with zero windows facing downtown? I get that one day that view will be blocked, but maybe it won’t on the North end of Prost, assuming Prost stays.

    To that point, anyone hear what is planned for the triangular dirt in front of Prost? A year ago I asked the valet why they didn’t park cars there any longer and the response was the owner was trying to get a zoning change approved to develop it. I think I saw an article a long time ago that said a View House was planned for that location…

    • Ken Schroeppel September 11, 2017 at 7:26 pm

      Walter, the blank wall facing Prost is the common wall with the Prost property. No developer is going to go to the expense of putting in windows on a side of a building if the neighboring property could build a solid wall right up to the property line.

  2. Julio September 11, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    Love that they saved the mature trees and hope that they will plant new ones in the tree lawn. It looks like that side gets direct light so it could really benefit the tenants to have some nice trees there as well.

  3. Walter September 11, 2017 at 8:04 pm

    Thanks Ken, I suppose I have to agree with that. I guess I’m hoping Prost stays, which would mean no common
    wall will be built there. I like it’s eclectic impact on LoHi as well as it’s beer, cheers! At the same time I want to see the triangular dirt developed as I see that location as a gateway to LoHi. I fear Prost will not be there when that dirt is developed, catch 22. Also wondering how it can be taking so long to develop such a prominent location?

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