SOVA Update #2

Three new tower cranes are now contributing to the Uptown skyline, and one of those belongs to SOVA, a 12-story apartment building that will add 211 units to the neighborhood. Since construction kicked off back in April, a lot of underground work has been underway for the foundation and parking structure.

First, let’s take a look at the new tower crane. Since SOVA will be a fairly tall building, the crane is freestanding around 16-stories tall.

SOVA Tower Crane
SOVA Tower Crane

After five months of excavation, foundation, and underground work, it looks like SOVA is finally ready to go vertical above the street level. The parking ramps are more or less in place and the core is starting to rise above the first floor.

SOVA site looking southeast
SOVA site looking southwest

SOVA is taking up a very large parking crater in Uptown, and will contribute greatly to the urban fabric of the neighborhood once completed!

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