Alexan 20th Street Station Update #3

A couple blocks away from our last two updates, Alexan 20th Street Station has also been making quick vertical progress. This project is almost identical to the 12-story Alexan Arapahoe Square project over at 22nd and Welton Street. For a refresher and more details on Alexan 20th Street Station, head on over to our announcement post.

The north side of the building has quickly topped out at 12 stories thanks to the Prescient system; a prefabricated light gauge steel structural system. Work on the exterior insulation is also currently underway but there are no hints of the facade just yet.

The south end of the building has not quite topped out but should in the next few weeks. Exterior insulation is also starting to go in on the lower levels.

Alexan 20th Street Station and Alexan Arapahoe Square are virtually tied in the construction process and will complete around the same time. We will revisit these projects as soon as their facades start going up.

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    […] big building at 22nd and Welton seemed to pop out of nowhere, thanks in part to its prefab steel structural system. […]

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