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Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #16

Denver’s new skyscraper in the making has reached another milestone. The concrete parking structure for 1144 Fifteenth has topped out and steel, for the first floor of offices, is starting to go up!

As of today, four steel beams have started framing the 13th floor. If you are having a hard time seeing it, the steel beams are on the left side of the first photo.

2016-10-25_1144fifteenth-02 2016-10-25_1144fifteenth-03

Heading to the street level, we can see that the glass facade is quickly progressing on the northwest side of the tower.

2016-10-25_1144fifteenth-04 2016-10-25_1144fifteenth-05

As a bonus, here is a photo taken by one of our awesome DenverInfill readers.


Steel structure almost always rises faster than concrete, so we should see brisk vertical progress moving forward. How exciting!

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #15

We have a very exciting update for 1144 Fifteenth today. Almost exactly a month ago, we said we would revisit this project under two conditions:

  • If the steel structure starting rising above the parking structure.
  • If the glass facade started going up.

Today is all about the glass, as we spotted the new facade going up on the Lawrence side of 1144 Fifteenth. Here are two closeups of the new glass. Since the parking structure will be fully enclosed, some screening will be used for ventilation.

2016-10-14_1144fifteenth-02 2016-10-14_1144fifteenth-03

If you look closely, you can also see some of the paneling start go up on the corner of the building.

2016-10-14_1144fifteenth-01 2016-10-14_1144fifteenth-04

Seeing how there is glass lined up on every floor, I’m sure significant facade progress will be made in the next few weeks.

Central Downtown: 999 17th Street Update #7

If you feel like we just did an update on 999 17th Street, you wouldn’t be wrong. Back in late August, we reported that the project is quickly rising. So what has changed in six weeks?

The apartment / garage structure is now up seven-stories, and a blank wall, which will be shared by the office building, is starting to go in. 999 17th Street is also starting to make an impact to the street wall along 18th Street.

2016-10-02_999-17thstreet-02 2016-10-02_999-17thstreet-01

Here is the real reason why we have an update for this project today. Deep into Downtown Denver’s urban fabric, 999 17th Street is now starting to peek out. You can also see the main apartment structure starting to go up. We will be utilizing this vantage point throughout this project’s build.


There are still numerous surface lots in Downtown Denver but it’s nice to see an entire half block of parking eradicated for this project!

Central Downtown: Le Meridien/AC Hotel Update #7

Last week, the Le Meridien / AC Hotel officially topped out at 20-stories. Along with topping out, the facade is quickly going up, which we will be focusing on in this update.

Let’s start out with the 15th and California side of the tower, which is the only perspective shown in the original rendering. The glass and brick facade is making steady progress and should be topped off in the next couple of weeks.

2016-10-02_lemeridien-ac-02 2016-10-02_lemeridien-ac-03

Just like the Hyatt House / Hyatt Place project, blank walls face the neighboring surface parking lots. We can hope that these lots will be developed soon.

2016-10-02_lemeridien-ac-04 2016-10-02_lemeridien-ac-01

Here is one final perspective taken by 1144 Fifteenth Street. The Le Meridien / AC Hotel nicely contributes to the booming street wall along 15th Street.


This project still has a while to go with an expected completion of August 2017.

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #14

Less than a month ago we visited 1144 Fifteenth at the ground level. Today, we are going to check it out from a farther-out perspective as it’s starting to make an impact on the skyline level.

Let’s start out with a view from Speer Boulevard, just north of Wewatta Street. Here we can see the almost-complete 1401 Lawrence project and a rising core directly to the left. The 10-story structure is now visible from a distance. After 12-stories, the steel structure will start to rise.


In addition to a great view of The Confluence, Ken also has a great view of 1144 Fifteenth. Thanks again, Ken, for the awesome photos!

2016-09-15_1144fifteenthken-01 2016-09-15_1144fifteenthken-02

Our next update on 1144 Fifteenth will be when the concrete structure transitions to steel. See you then!

Edit – 9/17/2016 1:15pm

I spy with my telephoto lens, a bunch of glass getting ready to go in. Not only will we start to see steel go up real soon, glass work will also start on the parking garage!


Central Downtown: 1401 Lawrence Update #16

Today we have a special update on 1401 Lawrence, the 22-story office tower under construction at 14th and Lawrence streets in Central Downtown. The project is nearing completion and one of the last major items on the to-do list for the building exterior is installing the anchor tenant sign. The anchor tenant is the Polsinelli law firm that is taking over 86,000 square feet of the 300,000 square foot building with an option to lease as much as 130,000 square feet.

Here’s a photo from earlier this morning showing the Polsinelli sign laying on the ground. 14th Street has been closed for the past two days as workers prepared for the sign installation and removed the construction hoist elevator.


You’ll note in the photo above that the art screen that covers a portion of the parking garage has been installed.

A few hours later, the sign is upright and getting attached to the crane cables:

Finally, the lift! It took about 10 minutes to raise the sign up to the roof edge of the building. The video below, in real time, is about nine minutes long, which would be really boring to watch, so here it is significantly sped up so that it lasts just one minute. Thanks Ryan Dravitz for your video whiz-bangery!

Yes, it’s a little wobbly, but you try holding an iPhone over your head for nine minutes!

When we next update 1401 Lawrence, there’s a good chance it will be an insider tour.

Central Downtown: 999 17th Street Update #6

Since our last update in May, 999 17th Street has doubled in size and is now up six stories. This is a milestone for this project because the parking structure tops out at six stories.

From here, the apartment structure will be setback from the parking structure and go up another 21 stories, ultimately topping out at 27 stories.

2016-08-21_99917thStreet-02 2016-08-21_99917thStreet-01

GE Johnson Construction has a great webcam overlooking the project site. Here is a recent image from it:

Courtesy of GE Johnson Construction

Courtesy of GE Johnson Construction

999 17th Street is trekking right along and is starting making a huge impact along 17th and 18th Street!

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #13

1144 Fifteenth Street is starting to make a huge impact along 15th Street. Since our last update in June, the tower crane has been jumped, the core is climbing its way up onto the skyline, and the parking structure is almost topped out. Let’s take a look!

The parking garage is now up nine stories with only three more to go. Once the concrete structure of the garage tops out, the steel structure will begin for floors 13 through 40; 42 with the mechanical penthouse.

2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-04 2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-03

The transformation of 15th Street is a fantastic sight. It’s amazing what three buildings (Le Meridien / AC, aLoft, 1144 Fifteenth) can do to a streetscape.

2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-02 2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-01

Our next update for 1144 Fifteenth will be when the steel structure starts, which should be in the next few weeks.

Edit: 08/23/2016 – 7:25AM

Here is an awesome bonus photo from DenverInfill reader S. Autrey. If you look closely at the core, you can see where the parking structure will eventually top out. The setback in the core is where the office portion will begin.


Central Downtown: Le Meridien/AC Hotel Update #6

The 20-story, 488-room, Le Meridien / AC Hotel is trekking right along. The structure is rising quickly with the facade now following behind.

The structure is now up 14-stories with six more to go! This is roughly going to be the same height as the Hyatt House / Hyatt Place just down the street. From what we can see now, white paneling will be used on the interior facing units with a blank wall facing northwest.

2016_07_17_LeMeridien-01 2016_07_17_LeMeridien-04

Dark red brick will go up on the 15th street side. This facade should go up fairly quickly as it is all prefabricated brick panels.

2016_07_17_LeMeridien-02 2016_07_17_LeMeridien-03

I suspect we should see this project top out by the fall.