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Central Downtown: 1401 Lawrence Update #15

Both 14th Street and Lawrence Street are closed today to allow for the disassembly of the tower crane at 1401 Lawrence, the 22-story office building that recently topped out. A new crawler crane doing the disassembling has been placed in the middle of the intersection:


An additional smaller crane is situated about mid-block on Lawrence to assist:


High above the streets of the Mile High City, brave workers disconnect the first piece of the boom:


Almost detached…




To see what happened next, watch our video:

Back in February 2015, we covered this same tower crane being assembled. Goodbye, tower crane. Hello, new high-rise!

1401 Lawrence Tops Out!

Yesterday was an exciting day for the teams over at 1401 Lawrence; the project has officially topped out! What exactly does that mean? The project has reached its final height, at 22-stories or 304 feet, with the last beam lifted to the top yesterday. I was very fortunate to be the event photographer thanks to the great folks at First Gulf, the developer of 1401 Lawrence.

The topping out ceremony consisted of four speeches made by (left to right) John Macneil, President of First Gulf, Steven Bangert, CEO of CoBiz Financial, Amy Hansen, Real Estate Department Partner at Polsinelli, and Albus Brooks of City Council, District 9. Polsinelli is the anchor tenant, and CoBiz will have a branch on the ground floor, as well as corporate offices on two other floors.

After the speeches, these four were the first to sign the beam which will be kept on the building for its lifetime.

2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-01 2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-08

Everybody at the topping out event had a chance to sign the beams, including myself. The team for the Beck Group, who have worked around the clock building 1401 Lawrence, posed for a photo right before the beams were hoisted up.

2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-07 2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-06

Once the crane hook came down, the beams were hooked on and lifted to the top.

2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-05 2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-04

Up they go!

2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-09 2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-10

1401 Lawrence is turning out to be a really great project. The most notable feature, the glass facade, acts like a mirror, reflecting Colorado’s brilliant blue skies.

2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-14 2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-13

In a sea of masonry and earth tones, the all glass building brings such a great change around this area of Downtown Denver.

2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-03 2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-02

The aluminum and glass paneling is also making quick progress on the northeast side. Since this project is now topped out, what you see here is the final height of 1401 Lawrence.

2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-11 2016-04-13_1401LawrenceTO-12

With fourteen updates, it is almost time to bring 1401 Lawrence to a close. The next time we visit it will be when it is completed; around this fall. What a fantastic project!

Central Downtown: Le Meridien/AC Hotel Update #4

Another significant project in Central Downtown Denver is now out of the ground and going vertical! The Le Meridien/AC Hotel eradicates part of a half-block-long surface lot fronting 15th Street and will make a great presence in this area.

The concrete build is going up quickly and is already up to the second floor. Now that it is out of the ground, we should see the structure rise a floor around every week to week and a half.

2016-04-03_LeMeridien-04 2016-04-03_LeMeridien-05

Here are two photos from the ground level. The Le Meridien/AC Hotel will rise a total of 21 stories, slightly taller than its direct neighbor, the Embassy Suites, but shorter than the Hyatt Regency across the street.

2016-04-03_LeMeridien-02 2016-04-03_LeMeridien-03

This 480-room project has made some great progress over the past couple of months. We are excited to see it rise!

Central Downtown: 999 17th Street Update #4

One and a half months ago, we observed a new tower crane going up at the 999 17th Street site in the heart of Downtown Denver. Now, construction is in full swing with a second tower crane up and foundation rapidly going in.

Before we get to the pictures, let’s clarify something about the name of this project. You may have seen it referred to as 1776 Curtis Street elsewhere, which is, in fact, the address of the 28-story apartment tower. However, both the city, and Shea Properties refer to it as 999 17th Street. Because both the office and residential component are finishing at the same time, and to remain consistent with official sources, we will refer to this project as 999 17th Street until its completion.

Now on to the photos. Many years have passed since we have seen any tower crane activity in this part of Downtown Denver. Seeing two red tower cranes here is a refreshing sight!

2016-03-15_99917th-01 2016-03-15_99917th-02

Looking in on the project site, we can see that foundation work is underway along with ramps for the parking garage, which will be shared between the office and residential buildings.

2016-03-15_99917th-04 2016-03-15_99917th-03

Looking at the site from slightly higher vantage point, it’s very clear that 999 17th Street is filling in a huge void in the densest part of Downtown Denver.

2016-03-15_99917th-06 2016-03-15_99917th-08

Here is a closer view of the parking ramps and one of the cores that will service the parking garage. The garage will rise a total of six-stories.

2016-03-15_99917th-05 2016-03-15_99917th-07

What an exciting project to watch go up in Central Downtown!

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #11

1144 Fifteenth is in a very exciting stage right now with the core starting to quickly go vertical. When we last visited this site, we noted that the core was out of the ground and starting to climb. To kick off the week, we are going to check out the progress of 1144 Fifteenth from both above and street-level vantage points.

The lobby level and ramps for the above ground parking deck are currently underway along Arapahoe Street. It doesn’t appear that a precast system will be used which means each parking level will have concrete pours like what we saw with 1401 Lawrence back in June.

2016-03-13_1144Fifteenth-02 2016-03-13_1144Fifteenth-03

Here is the core from the Lawrence Street side.


On our tour of 1401 Lawrence, we were able to get some great above views of this project. Currently, the core is up three-stories with 39 more to go.

2016-03-13_1144Fifteenth-04 2016-03-13_1144Fifteenth-01

To wrap up this post, here is one last photo from the Four Seasons thanks to reader S. Autrey!


New skyscraper construction is incredibly fascinating to watch, and it’s only going to more exciting with 1144 Fifteenth!

Central Downtown: 1401 Lawrence Update #13

To wrap up our 1401 Lawrence series, we are going explore the amazing views this project offers. On this tour, DenverInfill was able to get up to the 19th floor; thanks again to Matt Archuletta of Beck. For the full 1401 Lawrence experience, make sure you check out our exterior and interior posts as well.

As a reminder, all of the photos on each of our posts have high-resolution counterparts. Click each photo to see the high-resolution version!

Now for the views. Looking southwest, you have a great, unobstructed view of the mountain skyline with the Auraria campus in the foreground.

2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-04 2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-03

You also get great views of both the Pepsi Center and Mile High Stadium.

2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-10 2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-02

Moving to the northwest side, there is a great view looking down on Larimer Square. We have always seen 1401 Lawrence from Larimer Square, so it’s nice looking back at it.

2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-12 2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-15

Tilting up, you are greeted with stunning views of both LoDo and Denver Union Station.

2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-01 2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-11

With the separation between Central Downtown and Lower Downtown, Union Station has its own distinct skyline, which is still in the making.

2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-08 2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-09

The northwest view will forever be changed in the next year with the 34-story Confluence tower going up where the two white tower cranes are.


Moving right along, here are Central Downtown views to the northeast. This is another view that will change over the next year with 1144 Fifteenth going up across the street.

2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-07 2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-06



Finally, we have the southeast views looking down 14th Street. Even with the 45-story Four Seasons next door, you still get a great view of the Convention Center and the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-14 2016-03-09_1401LawrenceViews-13

No views from the infill post are complete without a couple of panoramas. Here is one looking southwest. Make sure you click both of the photos for a high resolution experience.


And another looking at LoDo and Union Station from the northwest. Thanks to Ken for this wonderful photo.


That wraps up our three-part series on 1401 Lawrence. Have a great weekend DenverInfill readers!

Edit – March 14th, 2016 – 8:30AM:

Elizabeth W. sent us this wonderful, unique side of 1401 Lawrence. It gives us a great view of the aluminium and glass facade.


Central Downtown: 1401 Lawrence Update #12 (Inside the Infill Edition)

For part two of our 1401 Lawrence series, we are going to head inside and take a closer look at some of the elements going into this project. A huge thank you to Matt Archuletta, of Beck, for allowing DenverInfill to tour this great project!

First, let’s start off with a detailed look at the screening going up on the outside of the parking garage. In our previous post, we saw how the panels were coming together. The staggered panels are hefty aluminum and look pretty sharp from the inside of the garage.

2016-03-08_1401LawrenceITI-01 2016-03-08_1401LawrenceITI-23

Remember that neat feature about the glass facade I mentioned on Monday? Here it is up close. The glass curtain wall continues past the structure creating a neat hanging effect. This will add another great dimension when viewing this building from the street level.

2016-03-08_1401LawrenceITI-03 2016-03-08_1401LawrenceITI-04

Here is one more perspective of the unique glass facade.


With all reflective glass, there is always a slight tint when looking out from the inside. 1401 Lawrence features a light blue glass which is hardly noticeable from the inside.

2016-03-08_1401LawrenceITI-11 2016-03-08_1401LawrenceITI-13

1401 Lawrence features some amazing views. Here are a couple of teasers from inside the building. In our next post, we will cover the views exclusively.

2016-03-08_1401LawrenceITI-14 2016-03-08_1401LawrenceITI-17

To wrap up, here are two fun construction photos. The first picture is looking straight down the tower crane mast. The second is from the hoist elevator as we were riding it up the side of 1401 Lawrence.

2016-03-08_1401LawrenceITI-16 2016-03-08_1401LawrenceITI-20

Next up, the grand finale: amazing views, in all directions, from the 19th floor!

Central Downtown: 1401 Lawrence Update #11

I can’t believe it’s been five years since I starting writing and taking photos for DenverInfill. It seems like yesterday we were watching the Ralph Carr Judicial Complex start to rise. To celebrate, I have three posts for 1401 Lawrence coming this week. Why three? DenverInfill was given a great opportunity over the weekend to go on an inside tour of 1401 Lawrence. Because there are so many photos to share, we have to break it up into three separate posts. Today, we will be focusing on the exterior.

1401 Lawrence is nearly topped out at 22-stories with the last floor of the mechanical penthouse underway. Throughout this post, you will see that last floor going in.

Let’s start off with some aerials! The glass facade is a brilliant change to all of the earth toned buildings around this area of Downtown Denver. When complete, the reflective glass will make the building almost invisible on a clear day.

2016-02-21_1401Lawrence-02 2016-02-21_1401Lawrence-03

Here is one more aerial from the Central Platte Valley. 1401 Lawrence adds some decent height to the Denver skyline.


Now for some ground level photos. It was partly cloudy this weekend making the glass stand out.

2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-09 2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-07

Viewed from Speer Boulevard and The Auraria Campus, 1401 Lawrence stands out in both height and reflectivity. I think we can all admit that this is a refreshing change.

2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-05 2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-06

2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-09 2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-04

Personally, I love the juxtaposition between the historic buildings of Larimer Square and the modern glass curtain wall that towers behind them.

2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-17 2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-10

2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-18 2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-16

The north facade is comprised of aluminium and glass, breaking up the symmetry of the solid glass. It looks sharp and has a neat feature which we will cover in our inside tour.

2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-14 2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-15

The solid glass facade actually juts out from the main structure; a first for any building in Downtown Denver.


Finally, let’s move in closer and check out the street level. The metal screening is starting to go up on the parking garage, masking the exposed concrete structure we see on most garages. We also get a neat pattern out of it!

2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-01 2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-11

2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-13 2016-03-06_1401Lawrence-12

Coming up next: the inside tour. Stay tuned!

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #10

As I was taking photos of the new Le Meridien / AC tower crane, I noticed something new on the 1144 Fifteenth site. The core is starting to rise out of the hole!

High-rise construction methods vary from project to project. Seeing how 1144 Fifteenth is rising, I am guessing the core will go up first, with the main structure following behind; similar to what we saw with the Triangle Building. This is also a very common practice for steel builds, which will be the primary structural material for the 40-story tower. Here are two photos, from a few blocks away, showing the rising core.

2016-02-15_1144Fifteenth-02 2016-02-15_1144Fifteenth-01

This will definitely be an exciting project to watch in the coming months!