About the Development Summaries

Typically twice a year, DenverInfill offers comprehensive Development Summaries of multifamily residential and non-residential project activity in Downtown Denver.

Projects included in the summary maps and tables are those that are (a.) new construction, (b.) completed, under construction, or proposed since January 2010, and (c.) located within a 1.50-mile radius of the historic D&F clock tower at 16th and Arapahoe, which serves well as the geographic center for Downtown Denver. Projects located outside of the radius circle but within the extent of the Google Earth aerial image used in the summary maps are not included in the tallies.

A project is typically included in the Proposed category if (a.) a development application has been filed with the city, (b.) the specific project location is known, (c.) the number of units, rooms, or gross square footage is known, and (d.) we have published at least one post on the project at DenverInfill. The “In the Pipeline” category represents those projects that do not meet the above criteria but which we are tracking. Floor counts listed are for the entire building above grade. For some of the not-completed projects, unit/room/square footage values may be approximates.

Exceptions to the above criteria, effective as of December 2017, are (a.) townhouse/rowhouse projects are excluded from the multifamily residential summary, and (b.) new hotels developed as part of an adaptive reuse project are included, providing the opportunity to have a complete tally of new hotel rooms added to the downtown market.