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Gotta love it.

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  1. toast2042 says:

    But not driving to Loveland through it. How I longed for a commuter train from Union Station yesterday.

  2. Alice H says:


    I was THRILLED with the rain yesterday. I hope it does it again this afternoon.

  3. etb says:

    I loved it right up to the point when it started coming down in buckets during the James Taylor concert at Red Rocks. However, the music was so good I (and I suspect everyone else) didn't care!

  4. Alice H says:

    I had no idea when I posted my comment about being thrilled about the rain that it was doing actual damage to people and businesses downtown. I'm gonna go hide now.

  5. Saint says:

    That rain Friday was the reason why we don't have any commercial development along the river. I went jogging Saturday, debris was everywhere! It must have risen a ton.