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Metropolitan State University: Student Success Center Final Update

Over at Auraria, the Metro State University Student Success Center is complete and open for the students. You can follow its progress from start to completion right here!

Auraria Update: Metro State Student Success Building

Metro State Student Success Building Design

Metro State Student Success Building Groundbreaking

Auraria Projects Update

Auraria Projects Update #2

Auraria Projects Update #3

The 4-story, 145,000 square foot building will be used for student support / administrative services such as registration and student success as the name of the building suggests. This building breaks the mold from the other buildings at Auraria in every aspect. It’s glassy, has more cutting edge architecture, and it isn’t comprised of red brick.


The Student Success center has a great street presence on Auraria Parkway while also creating great street wall. Originally the campus was built to be isolated from Downtown Denver with buildings facing inwards and lawns for the edges. Now these buildings are outward facing recreating the urban fabric between downtown and Auraria.


This is the first step in the Metro State’s neighborhood plan. The plan calls for a landscaped quad along with six buildings in this area. What a great start to reconnecting our urban fabric on the North side of Auraria.

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  1. Paul says:

    This building came out very nice indeed and it will be nice to see how the next building in the neighborhood ends up complimenting it. Maybe they will end up using the overhang as a sky bridge to connect to it.

    I’ve heard that the SSB will also be getting some updated signage the fall to reflect MSU Denver’s new name. Supposedly it’s supposed to be something that is pretty bold.

  2. TakeFive says:

    Great work Ryan.!.! For the money it looks like they hit a home run. Impressive and inviting.

  3. toast2042 says:

    will anyone ever use that front door on Auraria?

    • Chad Reischl says:

      Any one coming in on the 1 or the 20 bus from west Denver will as the stop is right up the street from the entry.