A new apartment project, Skyline View Apartments, is under construction in the Lower Highland district at 2828 Zuni.

The project covers almost the full block face along the east side of Zuni between W. 28th and W. 29th Avenue, stopping just short of the W. 29th Avenue intersection. Two small houses are retained at the north end of the site. The house right at the corner of W. 29th Avenue appears to be vacant and in disrepair, but for some reason was not included as part of the development. Here’s a GoogleEarth aerial where I’ve outlined the project site:

The project is being developed by Canwest, LLC and the architect is the Mulhern Group. Skyline View Apartment features 105 apartment units over a 129 space parking garage. The image below shows the west (Zuni) elevation of the building:


Here’s a photo of the site from a few months ago as construction was just getting started. The house at the corner, visible in the image below, is now surrounded by piles of construction dirt, and the underground parking level is fully excavated.

Skyline View Apartments will likely be completed by late 2013.