Over in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, 6th Avenue and Logan Street to be exact, The Logan, a 51-unit apartment project, is now open and already has residents living in it. As per tradition with final updates, here are all the previous updates so you can follow the project from announcement to completion.


The Logan Update #1 

The Logan Update #2

The Logan Update #3

The Logan finally broke the near two decade development dry spell in Capitol Hill, taking up a grassy lot that was a huge eyesore along Logan Street. Let’s take a look at the completed project!

The design, being a typical 5-story apartment development, exceeded my expectations between the jagged facade, front artwork, brick, and vibrant color schemes. The Logan gives a great modern face while fitting perfectly in the area. Capitol Hill already has a great tight knit urban edge feel to it but, there are still a few lots leaving huge holes. This is an example of a great step forward and I hope to see more of these crucial lots filled in the future. Welcome to Capitol Hill, The Logan!