Just down the street from the Denargo Market project, Block 32 at RiNo, formally known as RiNo Center, on 32nd Street and Brighton Boulevard is complete and open for occupancy. As per my final update tradition, you can follow its progress here:

RiNo Rising: Part III

RiNo Center Update

Standing four stories tall, the 205-unit apartment building has a very unique color scheme which comfortably fits the area it stands in. I was reminded of shipping containers when looking at this building which also is a reoccurring theme in the River North/Upper Ballpark neighborhoods.


Infill is a great thing, especially on streets like Brighton Boulevard which has some great potential. Urbanists and many other people agree that a key part of any major city is how the people interact with the city at the street level. With parking in the front, a dedicated driveway, and a water drainage ditch separating most of the property from the sidewalk, unfortunately, this project lost a huge opportunity of having a good street presence along Brighton Boulevard.


The River North neighborhood has a lot of potential and opportunity to become Denver’s next hip new neighborhood. It will be interesting to see what new projects come online along Brighton Boulevard in the future especially when the 38th and Blake commuter rail station opens!