Continuing on our Cherry Creek infill tour, let’s head across the Cherry Creek neighborhood to East First Avenue and Steele Street. At this intersection, there will be a 12-story building featuring 250 apartment units with ground floor retail. Since our announcement post in May, the two buildings on site have been demolished, the foundation has started to go in and a new shiny red tower crane has been erected.

Out of the entire block, the Steele Creek Apartments only takes up about a third resulting in a thinner building that won’t be too overbearing on the streetscape. However, given the height of 12-stories, this building will still have a significant impact around this intersection!

Let’s go in a little closer and look over the fence. As stated before, the foundation work is well underway. Parking for this project will be above ground on floors 2-5 with apartments on floors 6-12. Because minimal underground work is needed, we should start to see this rise above the street level pretty quick!



Today I have a bonus photo for you! While I was running around taking pictures of all the Cherry Creek development, I found an exceptional view of Downtown Denver from the West parking deck at the Cherry Creek Mall. Make sure you click to embiggen!

The Steele Creek Apartments are only the beginning for high-rise development in the Cherry Creek neighborhood! Stay tuned for more updates!