It is always exciting when a project tops out because it gives us a great idea and view on how the infill contributes to the urban fabric of Downtown Denver. Recently, Broadstone Blake Street has topped out at six-stories.

The empty lots right across from Coors Field have always seemed to be prime land for development yet, for so many years, they remained undeveloped. Back in 2012, Alliance Residential took action and proposed the six-story, 226-unit apartment building on a gravel lot that was used for parking during baseball season. Fast forward 26 months and a six-story building now stands on this site! Here are some pictures of the recently topped out building.

2014-06-29_BroadstoneBlake-01 2014-06-29_BroadstoneBlake-04

Broadstone Blake Street has a very positive impact along both 22nd and Blake Street, not to mention, the scaling and design are great for this intersection.

2014-06-29_BroadstoneBlake-02 2014-06-29_BroadstoneBlake-03

Within the next few weeks, workers will be starting on the brick facade and we should see this project complete by late fall!