1144 Fifteenth Update #11

1144 Fifteenth is in a very exciting stage right now with the core starting to quickly go vertical. When we last visited this site, we noted that the core was out of the ground and starting to climb. To kick off the week, we are going to check out the progress of 1144 Fifteenth from both above and street-level vantage points.

The lobby level and ramps for the above ground parking deck are currently underway along Arapahoe Street. It doesn’t appear that a precast system will be used which means each parking level will have concrete pours like what we saw with 1401 Lawrence back in June.

2016-03-13_1144Fifteenth-02 2016-03-13_1144Fifteenth-03

Here is the core from the Lawrence Street side.


On our tour of 1401 Lawrence, we were able to get some great above views of this project. Currently, the core is up three-stories with 39 more to go.

2016-03-13_1144Fifteenth-04 2016-03-13_1144Fifteenth-01

To wrap up this post, here is one last photo from the Four Seasons thanks to reader S. Autrey!


New skyscraper construction is incredibly fascinating to watch, and it’s only going to more exciting with 1144 Fifteenth!

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  1. Daniel March 14, 2016 at 11:16 am

    Anyone know if there are any construction webcams for this building? Searched briefly but didn’t see anything.

    • Bryan March 14, 2016 at 6:39 pm

      I dont think there is but you should go check in oxblue they have several construction cameras.

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