Renaissance Downtown Lofts Update #3

The Renaissance Downtown Lofts are starting to go vertical while making an impact along Broadway in the Arapahoe Square neighborhood. Not only is this project filling in a surface lot, including an old bank drive-thru building, it is also providing transitional housing for the homeless; a great win all around. This particular Renaissance project will feature 101 affordable apartment units contained in a six-story building.

Let’s take a quick tour around the project. The concrete base is now complete, one core has topped out with another underway, and the framing for floors two through six is now underway. This light gauge steel framing system should look familiar as it has been used on many recent infill projects. In addition to the vertical progress, a tower crane has recently been installed on the project site.

The Renaissance Downtown Lofts should go up fairly quick thanks to the lightweight steel framing system they are using. Surface lots that have cursed Arapahoe Square for many years are quickly disappearing!

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