An additional tower crane has recently been erected in Cherry Creek making the total tower crane count up to seven! Since we started reporting on Cherry Creek back in 2013, we have never seen this many tower cranes in this neighborhood, and there may be more as more projects kick off.

Here is a panorama showing the neighborhood, looking west. In this photo, there are six tower cranes in Cherry Creek with two additional cranes in the background; belonging to Country Club Towers and 1144 Fifteenth Street. The other cranes, from left to right, belong to Alexan Cherry Creek, The Laurel, the Rollnick Hotel, 210 Saint Paul, Civica Cherry Creek (yellow tower crane), and the Anna and John J Sie Foundation.

Here is another photo looking east, along with a straight on view down East 2nd Avenue, from the panorama. In the first photo, you can see the tower crane for Gables Cherry Creek II. The parking lot in the foreground is the site of 235 Fillmore, which is rumored to start soon.

I have high hopes for a record breaking tower crane census this summer. Have a great weekend, DenverInfill readers!