16 Chestnut Update #11

Since our last update in April, 16 Chestnut has been trekking along nicely. We are visiting the project today because some new, exciting elements are starting to go up on the building, and a couple of milestones have been reached.

Let’s start with two views of 16 Chestnut taken from a nearby project. Here we can see that the southernmost core has topped out, and the center one is close to doing the same. The northernmost core, which will service the parking deck and lower levels, has also topped out. With the cores topped out, it gives us a good idea on how tall 16 Chestnut will be.

Heading over to the Millennium Bridge side of the project, we have some exciting features to observe. First, we can start to see the facade that will be wrapped around the first few floors of the project. The concrete paneling has a neat shadow effect giving the facade some additional texture. To get a sense of scale for how large these panels are, we also included a photo with a worker. In addition, if you look closely, you can also see that steel has started to go up!

With the steel starting to go up, and with two tower cranes doing the lifting, we should see 16 Chestnut go vertical fairly quick. How exciting!

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  1. Randy June 10, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    The steel was already up two stories this afternoon (Sat, June 10)!!!

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