There are currently about 45 urban infill projects under construction in the Downtown Denver area covered here at Today I’ve got a sampling of some of those projects. Photos were taken 2007.01.19. Click on the photo to enlarge.

One Lincoln Park (31-story, 184-unit condominiums) on Block 177 in Northeast Downtown:

Grant Park (8-story, 112-unit condominiums) on Block 033-B in Upper Downtown:

Hilton Garden Inn (12-story, 225-room hotel) on Block 172 in Upper Downtown:

Sugar3 (10-story residential/office/retail mixed-use) on Block 019 in Lower Downtown:

816 Acoma (16-story, 224-unit apartments) in the Golden Triangle district:

Piranesi (5-story, 44-unit condominiums) also in the Golden Triangle:

Strada Flats (4-story, 30-unit condominiums) in the Capitol Hill district:

Emerson Uptown Lofts (3-story, 33-unit condominiums) in the Uptown district:

St. Joseph’s Hospital Office Building (5-story, 152,000 SF) in the City Park West district:

Urbans @ Glenarm (3-story, 5-unit townhomes) in the Curtis Park-Five Points district: