DaVita HQ Final Update Part 1

Last month, Ken and I had a great opportunity to tour the build-to-suit DaVita World Headquarters just before it was finished. Their new headquarters is located at 2000 16th Street (16th Street & Chestnut Place) in the Union Station Neighborhood. There’s nothing like a Fortune 500 company moving into your downtown! Due to the large amount of content, this tour will be split in two sections. Today we will be covering the lobby and part of the tower. I would like to thank Mollie O’Brien of DaVita for the wonderful tour.

Welcome to the DaVita Village! The lobby is always the first impression of any building. Instead of walking straight into elevator banks, you walk into a very welcoming and warm atmosphere. There are many materials used in the lobby that show elements of Colorado such as the stone wall and the beetle-kill wood on the ceiling. On your way to the elevator banks, you pass by the story of DaVita and what DaVita is all about.


On the back side of the lobby there are training rooms for new teammates (these are the employees of DaVita). These are setup to exactly match the dialysis centers so there are no hidden surprises after training. The training process at DaVita is very hands on, limiting the time of the typical all day classroom training.

Wandering around a bit more you will find some great open space for waiting as well as lounging. There’s also a full conference room on the ground floor. (Looks pretty comfortable!)


Time to take the elevator up. I didn’t get a picture of this but there are no up and down buttons here; they are smart elevators. On the outside of each elevator bank there is a number pad and a screen. You type in the floor you want and it assigns an elevator. This saves a lot of time and energy. If you have been in the Wells Fargo Center, they use the same type of elevators for their higher floors.

Once you get off on any floor, you are greeted with the DaVita mission and core values. Not sure what those are? Head on over here. Once again, the warm lighting and darker materials make every floor feel very welcoming.


Each floor has a teammate common area with a mini-kitchen and lounging space. Most of the wall space in these areas is used for stories and successes from teammates as well as clients. One interesting note about the eating areas is there are no paper products. Most offices have a stock of water/coffee cups as well as disposable dishes. Not here. To save on waste, you have to bring your own dishes.


And of course there are offices cubicles. The materials and types of cubicles used were voted on by the teammates that would be working in them. It’s a very open office environment encouraging team work and a friendly atmosphere. Some cubicles are also adjustable; so if you want to stand while you work, you can raise your desk up and lower it if sitting is more of your style.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my tour! Coming up we will be looking at the very exciting top floor, terraces, as well as some great views of the building.

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