Today we will be taking a look at the AMLI Riverfront development. Just like 2300 Walnut, a prefabricated parking structure has been under construction. We all know that parking garages take a lot of time to build, so the prefabricated method saves on time and money.

Here is an overall view of the site. The parking garage is trucked away and out of sight. This is a good thing given the structures are not the most appealing to look at. However, the plans show the garage structure will blend in to the main building and not just be a concrete shell.

When you are walking, biking, or driving down 20th Street, there will be a significant street wall above giving the Riverfront Park neighborhood a definitive border. Even though 20th Street isn’t the most pedestrian friendly street, it will still be a nice visual touch.

There are a lot of points on Downtown Denver’s street grid that give certain streets a visual terminus. Basset Street isn’t a diagonal like central downtown streets are but it does end at 19th Street with AMLI Riverfront being a new visual terminus. With the Manhattan Lofts just being completed, there is a lot of density in this little area.

There is infill going on wherever you turn and in almost every downtown neighborhood. I’m happy to see key parcels, such as the one AMLI Riverfront is taking, finally getting developed.