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Prospect: Residences at Prospect Park Update #1

Back in December, Ryan gave us an introduction to the newest infill project in Downtown Denver’s Prospect district: the Residences at Prospect Park, a 5-story, 296-unit apartment community being developed along Huron Street just north of W. 29th Avenue. The Residences at Prospect Park project will occupy one of the last major infill sites still available in Prospect.

This is a brief update. Thanks to Jamie at KEPHART community::planning::architecture, here are two new images showing more detail of the development’s main entry area:

The Residences at Prospect Park project is scheduled to begin construction in March.

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  1. Dan says:


    Any updates on 20th & Chestnut and 8th & Lincoln? Also, any idea what Shaw Construction is building at Speer and Washington? Very deep (3 stories) excavation – looks like another high-rise maybe?

  2. James says:

    Gotta admit this detail makes the building a little more unique and interesting to look at but I still feel that it’s just too long. I really wish they would split it at ground level into 2 or even 3 buildings allowing pedestrian access between the side streets. Instead we have a monolith of a building that just doesn’t encourage walking and enjoying the neighborhood.

  3. Bryan says:

    great looking entrance…i dont think the length of the building will destroy walking and enjoying of the neighborhood..but a break would be nice…who knows, the fire department may force a breakup for access reasons.

    what i really like – if i’m seeing this correctly – is that the brick around the entrance is reclaimed, maybe it’s from the slime-tables buildings that were knocked down? if so, win.

  4. Haggai Vardi says:

    Dan, I’m also interested to know about Speer and Washington construction. There are a couple of Shaw Construction on Speer…. There is another one a couple of block north on Speer too. Its good to see more unerground parking around, we really miss that in Denver.

  5. Eric says:

    So incredibly boring compared to what could have been by reusing the existing building(s). Another example of city supported Developer greed.

  6. Huron says:

    It would be great for the property values if a comunity parking garage was included and if loft units rather than apartment units are built in that vacant space.