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Union Station: 20th and Chestnut Update #1

Happy Monday! Let’s start off the week with some excellent news! There is no need to adjust your eyes, you are reading the title right. After many months of waiting and speculation, construction of the 20th and Chestnut project has finally commenced! As a refresher, I am re-posting the renderings from the last update we had on 20th and Chestnut (which was just over a year ago).


It may not look like much is happening but we are finally seeing some great signs of progress. The parking signs have been taken down, a construction fence now wraps around the site, a construction trailer is onsite, and a little earth moving has begun.


This is a key project for the Denver Union Station neighborhood because it is providing a full service grocery store to this side of downtown. This project will be a total of 5-stories with King Soopers occupying the ground floor.

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  1. Rob C says:

    OMG how many times have I driven or walked past this site and crossed my fingers! YAY, it’s finally happening!

  2. Steve says:

    Hooray!!! Do we have a timeline?

  3. isaac says:

    ive always wanted this lot to see life. my city.

  4. Richard says:

    I really miss having Dean’s only 5 blocks away for a quick grocery run. Can’t wait to have this guy complete.

  5. Kevin S says:

    It’s definitely nice to see this project finally take life!

  6. Kio says:

    YAY!! Finally!

  7. Matt says:

    Long overdue! Any plans for the storage facility and deteriorated COLO Boiler CO building across Chestnut?

  8. Jim Nash says:

    Finally! A supermarket at Union Station! Now these rising apartment projects will quickly fill up with renters, because they can walk to a grocery store. This is the real beginning of Downtown Denver as a place where people can LIVE!