Staying with our Union Station theme week, it’s time to check in with the private sector development going on in the redevelopment field. Our first stop will be at ‘The Platform’; a 21-story, 288-unit, apartment tower, developed by Holland Partner Group.

As we mentioned in our last update, the tower is starting to make its mark on the northwestern end of Denver’s skyline. The Platform, as of today, has risen 18 out of a total 21-stories. On Saturday, workers were busy raising the hoist elevator up to the 18th floor.

2014-05-10_ThePlatform-01 2014-05-10_ThePlatform-02

Now that the commuter rail train hall is open, we were able to freely take photos from the station. The tower is litterally inches away from the commuter rail canopy. If you look closely, the side of the tower facing the canopy has a slight curve to it.

2014-05-10_ThePlatform-04 2014-05-10_ThePlatform-05

The facade on the tower has also started to rapidly climb; which will consist of grey and white concrete paneling. The white paneling will be on the 21-story portion of the tower, and the grey paneling on the 13-story portion. The north side will also have a glass curtain wall on the corners of the building.

2014-05-10_ThePlatform-08 2014-05-10_ThePlatform-07

The blank wall, facing 16th Street Mall, will soon be covered up by the new 12-story Kimpton Hotel; part of the 16th and Wewatta Hotel / Office Complex. This gives us a great gauge on how tall the hotel will be!

2014-05-10_ThePlatform-09 2014-05-10_ThePlatform-06

The Union Station Transit Center grand opening was a huge milestone in the redevlopment project. The developers of Holland also recognized this great milestone with a nice message on their building!


The Platform will be the tallest tower in the Union Station redevlopment field and really has started to make its mark on the skyline. With three floors to go, I’m sure we will see this tower top out in the next month or two!