Before we explore the inside of Dairy Block, let’s sidetrack and take a look at the two-tower 1709 Chestnut apartment project as it has progressed significantly since we last visited it in December; so much that the south tower is almost as tall as its neighbors Union Denver and Cadence.

Let’s start out with the south tower which will eventually top out at 12 stories. Because of the split zoning on this lot, the south tower will go up to the maximum allowable height of 140 feet, exactly the height of Union Denver and Cadence. The tower is currently up 11 stories and has one more floor to go. At first glance, the parking structure enclosure on floors two and three seem somewhat off putting however, the entire facade of this tower will be red brick and glass. Speaking of glass, it is starting to go up on the fourth floor. Head on over to our announcement post for a rendering refresher.

The north tower is also making great vertical progress. This tower has a maximum allowable height of 250 feet and will top out at 24 stories. It is currently six stories up with 18 more to go.

We all know that Union Station is still going through an incredible boom so how about some panoramas to show just that! Here we can see that the cranes for 16 Chestnut, across the plaza from 1709 Chestnut, were recently jumped. 16 Chestnut is also making great vertical progress.

Lastly, here is an aerial panorama showcasing 1709 Chestnut. You can really see how much of an impact this project is going to have on the Union Station neighborhood.

Next time you are in the Union Station area, be sure to check out the up-and-coming dense, urban street wall along Chestnut Place. The sight is breathtaking!