16 Chestnut Update #10

As we make our way towards Riverfront Park and Platte Street for more project updates, let’s take a pit stop and check in on 16 Chestnut as it is rapidly going vertical. In our last update, we mentioned that the cores were starting to rise above the street level. Now, they are double the height and visible from Riverfront Park and the surrounding areas.

Here is the project from the Millennium Bridge where it is clearly making an impact on the Union Station skyline. The concrete structure is currently up two stories, with the tallest core up 11 stories.

You may have noticed in the first set of photos that the two tower cranes have also been jumped. These cranes are now clearly visible from Riverfront Park with the tallest core also starting to peek above the residential buildings along Little Raven Street.

Lastly, here is 16 Chestnut from the 18th Street Pedestrian Bridge. Remember what this view was like just three years ago?

How many cranes can you see from Riverfront Park? Six, Seven? How about Nine! It is quite the spectacular sight which we have captured in the panorama below.

Coming up next, we are going to explore the two projects in Riverfront Park that are starting to go vertical.

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