Every two weeks, the Denver Public Works Department’s Development Engineering Services office hosts a Downtown Construction Coordination Meeting, at which contractors and city staff meet to discuss and coordinate construction activities in the Downtown area that may impact the public right-of-way. These construction activities include not only street maintenance and underground utility work, but also construction on private property that affects adjacent streets and sidewalks. At each meeting, a list is distributed and reviewed that contains both new and existing permits for lane closures, sidewalk closures, parking meter bagging, etc. in the Downtown area.

The list that was distributed at the most recent Downtown Construction Coordination Meeting on March 28 contained several new and very interesting right-of-way occupancy and closure permits. Here they are:

Champa – 14th (parking lane/meters/partial sidewalk) (JE Dunn – The Spire)
Dates – April 9, 2007 – July 2009

Champa – 15th to 14th/14th Champa to Stout (meters, partial sidewalk) (JE Dunn – The Spire)
Dates – April 2007 – July 2009

Market – 18th to 19th (sidewalk/meters) (Weitz Co. – 1800 Market)
Dates – April 3, 2007 – June 2009

Wynkoop – 15th to 14th (parking, partial sidewalk) (Holder Construction Co. – 1515 Wynkoop)
Dates – April 2007 – July 2008

14th at Lawrence (partial sidewalk) (DAE Construction – 1401 Lawrence sales trailer)
Dates – April 2007 – July 2007

14th – Lawrence to Arapahoe (meters, partial sidewalk/travel lane) (Swinerton – Teatro Tower)
Dates – April 2007 – December 2009

So what do you think of that, Downtown infill fans!?