On Thursday we had the great opportunity to check out the progress of the new Denver Police Crime lab being built along West 14th Avenue between Cherokee and Delaware. This is a 77,000 square foot development that is expected to be completed by April 2012.

Thanks to Matthew Aschermann of JE Dunn as well as Rob Deevy and Gary Cahill of Dunakilly for accompanying us on this tour.

First, we were given an overview of the technology they were using on this project. The software they use in the office is called Bluebeam. Basically, it’s an advanced PDF reader that is geared towards construction services. Since it is all PDF based, they can print off an 11×17 sheet for the field, as well as take a tablet.


This is a very roomy building. On the lobby level there is an atrium that rises three stories with an open staircase (left). On the right are offices on the outer edge and a meeting area in the center.


The crime lab will come complete with a shooting range and a gun library. This will be used for scenario replication. If there’s a specific gun that needs to be fired or a part is needed to make a gun fire, these will be the two most helpful places.


This will come complete with a conference room, and multiple labs. These labs will consist of DNA replication, chemical labs, forensics, evidence handling, and a lab to replicate lighting, trajectory and photos.



Now to the exterior. The actual masonry, and aluminum cladding are starting to show. (The building will not be green and red) The jagged exterior also adds something completely different to the area and is very out of the ordinary. With all the historic buildings in the area, this building will look very cutting edge and futuristic.


I will leave you with this bonus shot taken from a balcony on the top floor of the building. A great view of our state capitol.

This project is one of the projects funded by the $550 million Better Denver Bond project and contributes to a great urban street wall down 14th Avenue. This project is perusing LEED-Silver certification as well which is a great contribution to building a greener Denver.