By Andy Vuong

The light rail plaza officially opened to the public around 10 AM on Friday, May 18th. Here are some pictures of the celebration Kiewit threw at noon to mark to occasion – which included comments from Councilwoman Judy Montero, music from the band Electric Avenue, and dance performances from a women’s Zumba troop.



The most noticeable change to the plaza over the last couple of weeks has been the completion of the detail work of the pavers and the final landscaping of the plaza, planters, and benches. Below are close-ups of a couple of planters:



Here are close-ups of the landscaping surrounding the benches adjacent to Chestnut Pavilion:



But to truly appreciate the scale and design of the plaza – I took the following pictures from the 8th  floor pool area of the Glass House. I’m sure you will agree…the plaza is truly stunning! But I can’t tell if the plaza looks better in the daytime or at night? What do you think?



Finally, I saved my favorite photo for last. To me, what makes a public space great is not just how it looks, but if the public actually uses it. We have a little while until the plaza will be fully utilized, but for now though, check out this photo of the plaza full of Rockies fans heading to the game on Friday night!