There have been many questions regarding the triangular lot bound by Grant Street, 6th Avenue and Speer Boulevard. If you haven’t been around that area lately here is what’s going on: A Diamond Shamrock gas station / car wash stood on the site and has since been demolished. A construction fence is now up around the site and now there is a giant dirt lot ready to be developed. Here is a map with the site outlined.

Today I have some good news and bad news about this project. The bad news: we have no renderings, elevations, or concrete details about what is going to be built here. The good news: thanks to a handy report Denver Development Services produces every month or so, we have a good idea on what might be going up.

  • The project title is “Speer Boulevard Apartments”. This is going to be an apartment building.
  • The zoning for this parcel is C-MX-12 (Urban Center, Mixed Use, 12-stories). The building can rise up to 12-stories.
  • There is a building permit filed with the city.

Here is what the site looks like as of today.



As soon as we get more information on this project, we will post an update.