The 34-story Confluence tower is now out of the ground! You heard that right! Construction commenced back in late 2014 and, as you can imagine, there is a lot of underground work to be done for a 34-story tower with structured parking that’s going up right along a park, next to a river.

Let’s get right to it. You see that concrete structure peeking out at the back of the site? That’s the main structure for the 34-story tower. The 6-story building, which will front 15th Street, is not out of the ground yet.

2016-02-21_TheConfluence-06 2016-02-21_TheConfluence-05

Taking a closer look at both the front and back of the site, we can clearly see that the foundation has gone in, the underground parking is almost topped off, and the main buildings are starting to rise.

2016-02-21_TheConfluence-04 2016-02-21_TheConfluence-02

Here we can see how close this tower is going to be to the river.


All of these close in photos give us a good idea of how far along construction is but what about the big picture showing the impact this tower is going to have? I have two photos showing that. Here is a ground level photo, looking at The Confluence, from 16th and Little Raven Street. In about a year’s time, you will see a 371-foot tower filling in this view.


From the sky, The Confluence will add a substantial amount of height to the Central Platte Valley skyline. Take the DaVita World Headquarters (blue glass building on the right), and add 10 more floors. That will roughly be the height of this tower.

Make sure you click the picture below so you can see high resolution version. In the center of the photo you will see the two white tower cranes for this project.


When finished, The Confluence will add 288 apartment units to the Central Platte Valley.