The twin 30-story towers in the Speer neighborhood are making great progress. Not only are the towers quickly going vertical, the glass facade is starting to go up on the west tower as well!

First, let’s start out with a different perspective of the project. I recently had a photo shoot at 250 Columbine and was able to get this great perspective from the roof. The west tower, the tallest portion, is now up 16-stories with 14 more to go. The east tower is up eight-stories with 22 more to go.


It was stormy and rainy but I had my trusty smartphone to document the first three floors of glass going in. The facade will be comprised of glass with thin strips of beige and dark colored masonry running up the length of the tower. Check out this rendering for a refresher.


As a bonus, let’s head back to 250 Columbine. If you were ever wondering what Downtown Denver looks like from a Cherry Creek rooftop, here you go. It’s a great view and will showcase 1144 Fifteenth Street as it starts to climb onto Denver’s skyline.


At approximately a floor a week, the west tower should be topping out around Thanksgiving.