Our last update of Southern Land Company’s Centric LoHi project at 18th and Central Streets in Lower Highland was last May so a lot of progress has been made since then. Let’s take a tour around the site.

The Central Street side of the development features a nice mix of brick and glass. Three retail/restaurant spaces will anchor the ground floor along Central. Left: Corner of Central and 18th. Middle: Primary Central Street elevation. Right: Corner of Central and the alley.

Further up the alley near Prost Brewing Company we see the rest of the alley side of the larger Centric LoHi building (below left). If the Prost site and the triangle-shaped vacant parcel in front of it were to be redeveloped someday, this alley elevation would no longer be visible; thus a simpler facade was designed. Below in the photo on the right, we see the smaller Centric LoHi building along Boulder Street rising behind Prost. Here the Centric LoHi/Prost parcels abut creating a common-wall situation. Again, if the Prost site were to be redeveloped in the future, the new building would adjoin the windowless facade seen here on Centric LoHi.

Heading up the hill to Boulder Street we have three final views of the project. Left: Looking down 18th Street toward Central Street. Middle: View from the same corner along Boulder Street. Right: Close-up of the smaller building on Boulder Street at West 32nd Avenue (collision of the street grids!).

Centric LoHi will provide 302 new homes for Denver residents.

We’ll swing by Centric LoHi one last time when the project is completed.


By the way, there’s an error in the Google Maps base map shown below. The alley discussed in this post is labeled as 19th Street. 19th Street no longer exists in this part of the downtown street grid but its alignment was where Highland Gateway Park is today. We’ve reported the error to Google.