The Coloradan, the only condo project going up in Union Station, is making great progress and has crossed a couple exciting milestones. The 19-story, 334-unit project has been going vertical since the spring, and we can now start to see some defining features of the main structure.

When looking at the project from Wewatta Street, you can clearly see the setback that starts on the fourth floor. In addition, the window panels have also started to go up on the exterior. These are just the panels for the windows as the final product will have a unique terra cotta facade.

The Coloradan from Wewatta
The Coloradan from Wewatta

Here are two additional views looking at the project from the commuter rail station and the station’s pedestrian bridge.

The Coloradan from the commuter rail canopy
The Coloradan from the commuter rail bridge

The Coloradan is already having quite the presence along Wewatta Street as the Union Station neighborhood is starting to completely fill in. This project has eight more floors to go before topping out.