Through this development cycle, Speer Boulevard has seen a fair amount of development. The momentum seems to keep on going with another large scale residential project underway. Modera West Wash Park, developed by Mill Creek Residential, is a significantly sized project rising eight-stories and providing 242 apartment units to the Speer neighborhood.

To begin, let’s take a look at an aerial with the project site outlined. Modera West Wash Park sits at 390 Grant and has a very unique shape due to the land it is taking up, and the diagonal of Speer Boulevard.

To even better orient yourself, here are is a present day, low elevation aerial. The second image shows the same site outline as above just from a different, more three-dimensional, perspective.

The project site includes a small office building that was sold to Mill Creek back on September 2017. This office building will be demolished to make way for this project. The tenant moved out the first of December, and demolition should take place any day. Below are a few photos from around the project site.

Now, for the rendering of the project, courtesy of Mill Creek Residential. Modera West Wash Park comes to a sharp point at Speer Boulevard and Grant Street, as shown in this rendering. At the moment, we are unsure of how the rest of the building is configured.

The 242 apartment homes will average 864 square feet in size, and come with all of the usual amenities we have seen in most apartment projects around the city. The project will also contain 287 parking spaces giving it a total car-to-unit ratio of 1.18.

The project architect is Davis Partnership and the general contractor is Martines Palmeiro Construcion (MPC).

Anticipated completion for Modera West Wash park is late 2019 making the total build time just over a year and a half. We will swing back around for our first update once demolition is complete!