260 North, a visually unique project in Cherry Creek, has made rapid progress with the building already close to topping out. For a reference on how quick this went up, when we visited the project almost exactly four months ago, back in December, just the elevator core was beginning to go vertical.

First up, let’s check out 260 North from a few different corners, including an elevated view. The stair-step structure is a product of overlapping zoning as it transitions from CCN-8 to CCN-5 in the middle of the project site. Even though the project could have remained at five-stories along East 3rd Avenue, the step downs are a welcome sight.

260 North NW Corner
260 North NE Corner
260 North SW Corner

Below are a few straight on photos of 260 North from both Josephine Street and East 3rd Avenue.

260 North Straight On
260 North Straight On
260 North Straight On 3rd Ave

The facade will feature glass, wood, and paneling upon completion which is expected sometime next year. Given the rapid pace this project is going up, we will stop by in the late summer for another visit before it’s complete.