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New Highlands Project: Zuni Corners

Located on the boundary between Denver’s historic Highlands and Lower Highland neighborhoods is a new infill project that will (almost) complete the redevelopment of the west side of Zuni between Argyle Place and West 32nd Avenue. The project is called Zuni Corners, and features seven townhomes—each designed so that it feels like a corner unit—situated at the corner of Argyle Place and Zuni Street. Here’s a GoogleEarth image where I’ve outlined the project site:

Lower Highland vs. Highlands? Well, if you recall my post from 2008, you’ll know that the original Town of Highland extended from the Platte River west to Zuni Street. It lasted only a year or so and was annexed to Denver in 1860. A few years later, the Town of Highlands, extending from Zuni Street on the east to Sheridan on the west, was incorporated. It too was eventually annexed to Denver (in 1896). Today, if a site is east of Zuni, we call it Lower Highland (formerly East Highlands) and if it is west of Zuni, we call it just Highlands. Confused? No problem. But I digress…

Here are a few project renderings from the project website. Cameron Kruger is the architect:



Here’s a site photo I took last weekend, showing construction is in full swing:

As I mentioned, this completes the redevelopment of this side of the block on Zuni. Located immediately north of Zuni Corners is 3131 Zuni, an 8-unit condo project that was recently completed, and between 3131 Zuni and Pasquini’s Pizza in the historic building at the corner is Zuni Six townhomes, which is just wrapping up construction. Here are photos of those two projects:


Together, these projects make for an impressive collection of modern housing at a scale perfectly suitable to their historic surroundings.

(June 11 edit: I made a slight modification to the aerial photo and to text in the first paragraph to reflect a correction in the project’s boundaries, thanks to two keen-eyed commenters.)

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  1. Nick M says:

    They look fantastic! FINALLY some ARCHITECTURE! I’m a bit sad, though, as I’m pretty certain these will be well out of our price range once built and will likely go very quickly.

  2. dave says:

    There is a small garage to the north of this project that is still there. It sits in the rear of the lot. The whole block has not been redeveloped.

    • Ken Schroeppel says:

      The block face.

      • Andrew says:

        Dave above is correct. There is still a vacant lot between this Zuni Corners and 3131 Zuni. The google map/site location above is including that site, which is incorrect. Unless that site belongs to 3131, there is still an opportunity to develop on this block.

        • Ken Schroeppel says:

          I see what you guys mean. That’s a pretty narrow lot (25′ I’d guess) but probably possible to squeeze in a single-family residence. I assume the developer tried to get that parcel but was unsuccessful.

          Thanks for the correction. I’ll edit the post accordingly.

  3. Bryan says:

    single family on a 25′ lot? sure…but you can also do a 3-flat!

  4. Kevin says:


    Demo has started today at 29th and Huron. Any idea what is to be built? I live in the Inca 29 brownstones next door.