Denver Union Station Update #107

Today we will be focusing on the wing buildings that will be built on each side of the historic station. These buildings are going to be 5-stories each and will not exceed the height of Union Station itself to prevent overwhelming its presence on Wynkoop Street.

The hole for the parking and foundation for the north wing building (IMA Headquarters) has reached its maximum depth. It won’t be long before we start seeing this go vertical. I took a rare shot of a mock-up being constructed. From all the projects I have followed, I don’t think I have never seen a mock-up under construction.


On the rear side of the north wing building, bus ramp work continues as well as sealing in the underground bus facility. It’s a little curious what the crane is lifting here but it looks like parts of the canopy are beginning to arrive.

With the recent announcement of Antero Resources relocating to the south wing building, construction has commenced. As a reminder, this building will not be built to the property line on Wynkoop Street. This is to avoid blocking the entire view of the historic station when you are coming down the 16th Street Mall.

Having both wing buildings constructed close to the same time is a great step in this entire redevelopment. Projects are starting to come together much sooner than expected which means less gaps in the master plan come time for when the new station is complete. Make sure you check out Ken’s tour tomorrow for some great information and an awesome walking tour. Head over here for the details!

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