While cruising around on my bicycle this weekend, in this beautiful autumn weather, I noticed something different in the Denver Union Station field. My favorite element of the project, the train shed canopy, is beginning to go vertical!

The trusses are beginning to go up and the color alone gives them a very powerful statement. It’s very similar to Denver International Airport’s white. This keeps a great consistency between Denver Union Station and DIA, which just so happen to be the two major transit centers in Denver.


This picture may look a little cluttered with the Cadence construction in the foreground, but I took this on purpose. These are the last few weeks you can see the entire Denver Union Station redevelopment from the Millennium bridge before the view gets obstructed, which in this case is a great obstruction!

And now for a clear view. This was taken off of Kewit’s Earthcam website. This is a great source to follow the project (as well as Rick’s Glass House patio).

I am very excited to see this stepping stone in the whole redevelopment. The next few months will definitely be very exciting watching the canopy get built.