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Golden Triangle: Denver Art Museum Offices Final Update

It is already time to wrap up the Denver Art Museum Office project! We announced this project last May and less than a year later the 50,000 square foot office building is already complete! We, here at DenverInfill, only had one update on the project but, as always in the final update, you can track the progress of this project below.

New Golden Triangle Project: Denver Art Museum Offices

Golden Triangle: Denver Art Museum Offices Update #1

This new building is right next to the new Clyfford Still Museum along Bannock Street. Just like its neighbor, it has a very minimalist, horizontal design with some hints of multiple colors in the glass, which we will get to later.

04-03-2014_DAMOffices-01 04-03-2014_DAMOffices-06

Here are two additional views of the building from both the alley and looking south down Bannock Street. Another interesting feature of this building is that every side has a different design; there is a lack of uniformity that compliments the overall design.

04-03-2014_DAMOffices-03 04-03-2014_DAMOffices-02

Now for a close look at the glass. At first glance and from a distance, it’s hard to see the multiple colors. However, when you are walking beside the building you will notice there are blue and purple glass panels scattered throughout the facade. Neat!

04-03-2014_DAMOffices-05 04-03-2014_DAMOffices-04

Even though we didn’t cover this project through all of its construction phases, we are very happy to see it complete! The old office building, where the Denver Art Museum had their offices before, at 414 14th Street is now empty and is going under a huge renovation. We will have more on that in the near future!

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  1. Corey says:

    This building is fantastic! Roth Shepherd Architects do really nice, stylish work.

  2. Michael says:

    This is really ugly, in my opinion, and only a tiny bit better than an empty lot.

  3. bryan says:

    i like it…despite the shortness for the location.

    the only odd thing is that they put the very best designed corner on the alley!

  4. D says:

    I do like this building, but I keep wondering why they took the flashiest face of the building and faced it to the dumpsters. Why? It’s so architecturally interesting in the back and quite bland from the curb. Is there a rotate function on there we can tap into?

  5. Ian says:

    Does anyone know if the black sections (like the entrance and the side of the building facing 12th) are eventually going to be covered with stone? The 12th side (mostly covered by the adjacent building) in particular looks unfinished and it’s been like this for at least a month.

    Love the building otherwise; Definitely complements the clyfford still.

    • SPR8364 says:

      I presume you are referring to the dark bronze standing seam metal panels on photo number 2? If so, the answer would be, No!

      • Ian says:

        Right, I think the area along entrance looks OK. But if you look at the top right corner in pic #1 (unfortunately mostly covered by a tree), the stonework abruptly stops right before the corner…like they ran out of it. Likewise, that whole south side (which granted is the least visible side) looks unfinished without the stonework. Hope they’re not finished with it…but there hasn’t been any movement on it in quite a while.

        • Rob C says:

          Uhm that looks like an architectural detail to me. What’s so wrong with it??

          • Ian says:

            Eh, you can’t really see what I’m talking about in the pictures here. There is actually still a patch of plywood on the south side, so something remains to be finished. We’ll see what happens.