Back in June, we took a very brief look at the ‘Residences at the Gardens‘ project over in the Cheesman Park neighborhood. Demolition was still going on and there were no signs of the new building. Today is a different story.

The underground parking structure has since been poured and the first floor has started to rise. Another new element on the project site is the addition of a red tower crane!


Here is a closer view of the construction site. The two levels of underground parking have been capped and you can see main concrete structure has broken street level. Since this is a 7-story building, concrete will be used for the enitre structure.


While wondering around the edge of the site, I found a mock-up for the facade. The majority of the facade will be brick with grey and green metal paneling.

The 156-unit, 7-story apartment building has a long way to go with completion still a good year out.