Chestnut Street, in the Union Station neighborhood, has three major infill projects that will transform the neighborhood in the best way possible. Not only are these projects getting built to the maximum allowed height, they are also providing three common uses to the neighborhood; residential, lodging, and offices. Today, we are going to be looking at the residential project, 1709 Chestnut.

1709 Chestnut will be providing approximately 500 apartment units split between a 12-story and 24-story tower. The 12-story tower has been topped out for a while now, and the facade is making great progress. Most of the glass is installed and the brickwork is starting to go up, as you can see on the ground floor.

The 24-story building contrasts its 12-story counterpart, featuring a glass curtain wall as its primary facade versus traditional brick. You can see this contrast best when looking at the project from the light rail station.

The taller tower has eight-stories to go before topping out which will make it exactly double the height of its counterpart. Even though structural work is still underway, the glass facade is starting to go up.

1709 Chestnut still has a ways to go as completion isn’t expected until next year.