Since our first update back in April, Ascent Union Station has been making great progress. One of the last open parcels in the Union Station neighborhood is now a hole in the ground, and will soon feature a 14-story building containing 142 homes.

Today, we have a few photos of the project taken over the past couple of weeks. Let’s start off with a couple of ground-level photos at the project site. As you can see, excavation is well underway.

Here is a neat top-down view of the project site. From this perspective, the left side of the project site looks to be “bottomed out”, meaning we should start to see the foundation go in and the underground levels start to go vertical.

Ascent Union Station will add a significant amount of density to this part of the Union Station neighborhood and will complete the Wewatta street-wall towards the west. Besides the Xcel Energy steam plant, the west side of Wewatta will have five 140-foot buildings lining it from 16th to 20th Street once Ascent Union Station is complete.