It has been a while since we have visited The Coloradan, the only condo project going up in the Union Station neighborhood. Since our last update, The 19-story, 334-unit building has gone vertical above the street level and is now a few floors off the ground.

When looking at the project from 17th Street, we can see that the concrete structure is now four-stories up. This side of the project will rise the full height, right along Wewatta. From the 18th Street side, the building will feature a setback from Wewatta Street, on the fourth floor, and then rise the full height. This rendering should give a good visual for what we explained above.

Since this project is going up directly outside the commuter rail canopy, The Coloradan will join The Platform and will fill in the last gap of open development around the station.

You can’t see much yet, but the building is starting to peek out from inside the canopy itself.

Finally, let’s wrap up with some views The Coloradan will offer. These were taken over the past couple of weeks from the tower crane. Here is the city view from a lower floor.

And a daytime view, towards the neighborhood, from the top of The Coloradan.

Now that construction is well underway, the sales center for The Coloradan opens this week and contracts will start to be taken later this summer. For more details on the building and to join the interest list, be sure to check out their website. It is always great to see condo projects start to go up in Denver!